Thanksgiving Borders

Free Thanksgiving border printables that can be customized before you print.Thanksgiving border

Add your image to the following Thanksgiving frame templates. Scroll down to select a frame.

Thanksgiving borders

Thanksgiving Borders Clipart

These borders are in black and white. They can be used as-is or colored by kids. They are perfect for those who don’t have a colored printer or don’t want to use one. Scroll down to select a border.

Thanksgiving borders clipart

Free Thanksgiving Borders

Select any Thanksgiving border from the selection below. Click on the image to open the border maker. You can add a Thanksgiving quote, type “Happy Thanksgiving” or any message or you can add an image. If you prefer, you can also just download a blank border.
Fall flower border

Thanksgiving border

Thanksgiving borders clipart style

Thanksgiving clipart border

Thanksgiving borders

With Photo


Happy Thanksgiving clipart

Tree and leaves - autumn / fall

Thanksgiving border clipart

Cute turkey

Pretty border

Autumn flower border

Borders with Your Image

Thanksgiving 2017 images

Thanksgiving images

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 images

Images for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving images

Thanksgiving clip art images

Black and White Clipart Borders

A row of leaves and acorns
Leaves in each corner

These fall border clipart printables can be colored or used as-is in black and white. There are more fall page borders below.

Clipart border
A row of leaves on the bottom of the border
Cute kids with a Thanksgiving theme
A row of pumpkins on the bottom of the border.
Pumpkin in left bottom corner and turkey in bottom right corner.
Picture of three pumpkins and a cute turkey with a frame for a title

What can these Thanksgiving borders be used for?

You can add text and images before you download or print any of the borders. Therefore, you can use them for just about anything. Here are some ideas:

  • Thank you letters
  • Happy Thanksgiving messages
  • Menu border to create a printable menu for your dinner table
  • Place cards
  • Greeting cards

How to Download and/or Print

Most of the borders can be downloaded as an image file (png) or a PDF document. Two of the borders can only be downloaded as a PDF document. To download as an image click on the cloud icon. To download as a PDF document click on the folded page icon.

If you try to download as an image and the border does not download right away then you can download it as a PDF file only.

How to Add Text

Once you have selected your Thanksgiving-themed border paper, you will see a selection of Thanksgiving quotes under the selected border. You can click on any quote and it will appear on your Thanksgiving page border. Once it appears, you can move it around or make it smaller if you want.

You can also add your own text or message. To add text, click on the A icon. For example, if you want to type “Happy Thanksgiving” you can type it in the text box. You can then make the font larger and change the actual font. You can also drag the text around.

Happy Thanksgiving images with your own photo and text. Free download. If you are looking for a Thanksgiving image without a photo then try our Thanksgiving borders. You can delete the text or add more than one line of text.

What can these Happy Thanksgiving images be used for?

  • Print on cardstock to create greeting cards. You can make a large card by printing one image per page or smaller cards by printing a few images on each page.
  • Upload to your Facebook account to wish friends a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Print on paper or cardstock and put on your table for the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Send to friends via email or Whatup.
  • Create a banner.
  • Create a background image.

Chevron Border

Select the chevron border that you want to print and click on “print or add text/images”. If you do not find the color that you are looking for then you can use our page border maker to make a different color border. You can use any color that you want. Click here to open create a border in 18 set colors or click here to create a border in any color that you want.

chevron border maker


chevron border











Light Blue






Any Color You Want

chevron border maker

How to Change the Color of the Border

  1. Select the template that you want to use in order to open the page border app.
  2. Click on the background.
  3. Click on the color box under “select color”.
  4. Select the color that you want to use.

Can these chevron border templates be used for commercial use?

You are free to use the chevron backgrounds for personal, educational or commercial use but you cannot use them on any internet site without linking back to this site. You are free to create worksheets, printables or other handouts but if you place them on an internet site then we require you to link back to this page. No attribution is required for hard copies that are distributed or sold offline.

Bird Border

Free printable bird border. Customize online and download and print. Add text and/or images with our free page border maker.

Pretty birds

Printable bird border

Writing Paper


Page border

bird template

Page borders

bird background

Two birds with a heart

Bird printable

bird template

Bird png

Printable page

What can these bird borders be used for?

  • Greeting cards
  • Worksheets
  • Notices
  • Letters
  • Stationery

How to Add Text to the Bird Border

To add text to the page border click on the A button.

To add an image click on the image icon.

Move the text and/or images around. Make them bigger or smaller.

When you are satisfied with the result you can download the printable border as an image or as a PDF document. You can also print directly without downloading.

Watercolor Border

Watercolor paper borders

Free watercolor paper borders with a watercolor frame around the page.



pastel watercolor background

blue watercolor background

red watercolor background

blue and yellow

purple watercolor background





green watercolor background

What can you do with these Watercolor Paper Borders?

Since you can add any text or images to the page, they can be used for multiple purposes. Here are a few examples:

  • Motivational posters
  • Signs
  • Greeting Cards
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Wallpaper border

How to Create Free Printable Borders for A4 Paper

These borders were created for standard US paper (8.5″ X 11″). They can, however, be adapted to A4 size. To do this, when you print, change the size to A4 on your printer’s settings. It will adapt the page size to A4.

These borders are for personal use only.


Watercolor Flower Border

watercolor flower background

If you need a pretty floral background then these watercolor floral background images are just for you! Select a free watercolor flower border from the options below and download or print. You can add text or images before you print. You can also change the color of the text.

Watercolor Flower Border

watercolor flower background

watercolor floral background

watercolor flower border

flower background watercolor


flowers watercolor background

free watercolor flowers


watercolor background floral


free printable border


free printable borders


floral border with watercolor flowers


free flower background


Pretty floral background


Watercolor Flower Background


Pretty cover page


pink watercolor flowers


watercolor floral border


Pretty cover page


flower border


Watercolor Flower Background

Each watercolor floral background on this page is made with flowers that were hand painted with watercolor. The resolution is very high to ensure that the print quality is good. Therefore, the files are quite heavy and can be downloaded in PDF format only. You can customize before you download the background with the free online page border maker. To add text, click on the A icon.

How to Create Watercolor Wallpaper

You can use these were pretty backgrounds to create watercolor wallpaper. To use them in landscape format turn them around after you download them. If you are adding text, rotate the text before you download it.

How to Add Text

You can add text to your watercolor flower border by clicking on the “A”. Drag the text to the desired location. You can change the color of the text to match the flowers in the border. If you want to delete the dummy text then click on the x.

Terms of Use

If you use these backgrounds on a website you are required to link back to this page.