Christmas Backgrounds

Free Christmas Background Images

Select the background image that you would like to use. Add Christmas clipart, text or images and then download or print.

Cute background with a Dog for the Holiday Season

Free Holiday backgrounds

Cute Holiday Background Image

Christmas paper

Christmas background image wiht Santa

Holiday background

christmas backround

Happy Holidays

Christmas clip art with penguins and owls

Cute Clipart Christmas

Cute Holiday Background with Christmas Tree

Christmas Paper

Cute Christmas backgrounds

Holiday Backgrounds



Christmas image that can be used as a background or a border or paper

Christmas Chevron Background

Christmas chevron background

What can these Christmas backgrounds be used for?

  • Holiday backgrounds (some read Happy Holidays)
  • To create free personalized stationery
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Christmas paper
  • Signs or posters

How do you add clipart to the backgrounds?

  1. Select the background that you would like to use.
  2. Click on “print or add text/image”.
  3. You will see a selection of clipart images. Click on the one that you want to use.
  4. Add text if you want by clicking on the “A” icon. You can also write Christmas greetings with clipart instead of text. For example, if you want to write Merry Christmas then you can either type it (and select a font and font color) or you can use the Merry Christmas clipart.
  5. To add more than one image just repeat the third step.

Which clipart is appropriate to add?

It really depends on what you are using the background images for. You can add a Christmas tree, lights, holly, stockings, Christmas bells, gifts, wreath, elf, etc. If there is an image that you would like to add but does not appear here then please leave a comment below and we might be able to add it for you.