Lined Paper

Free printable lined paper template in different sizes with various widths between the lines. If you would like to print lined paper that you do not find here then please leave a comment below and we will try to create it for you.

Letter Size (8″ X 11″)

lined paper template
Printable lined paper
lined writing paper

29 lines
28 lines
27 lines

college ruled lined paper
college lined paper

College Ruled Lined Paper
College Lined (Grey)


line paper
lined paper pdf
lined paper printable

26 lines
25 lines
21 lines

A4 Size

lined paper template
lined paper template

27 Lines
With Margin
With Margin and Red Line at Bottom

lined paper template

Blue Only

Red and Blue Lines
Blue Lines

Lined Paper PDF

Once you have chosen the lined paper template that you want to print you can then download it as an image file (png) or as a PDF file. Click on this icon to download as a PDF file: pdf

To download or print as an image file, click on the cloud icon.

When should you use a lined paper printable?

Using printable lined paper enables you to print on demand. If you only print paper when you need it then there is no wastage. It is helpful when you only need a few pages. When you need to print hundreds of pages it might be more economical to purchase ready made lined paper.

Sometimes, you might require paper that you do not have on hand. It might be easier to print than to make a trip to the store.

Another big advantage is that you can add text or photos to the paper. This is helpful when you want to make lined writing paper. Add your name and address to the top or bottom of the page. You can add additional details such as a phone number, monogram or email.