Ombre Background

ombre backgrounds

Purple Ombre Background

Purple ombre background

Ombre Blue Background

ombre blue background

Teal Ombre Background

Blue ombre background

Pink Ombre Background

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ombre backgrounds    colored   pinks and blues Pink ombre background



orange, yellow and green

yellow to green

orange and yellow





Most of the backgrounds have a watercolor texture with gradients. The paint is either in various shades of one color or gradients of a few different colors blended together.

What can these backgrounds be used for?

You can add text and/or images online before you download our page borders.

motivational posters

  • Motivational posters – use as a background for motivational quotes. Click on the “A” to add the motivational quote. Drag to the right to make the font larger.
  • Draw a doodle or stick a picture on them to create a wall hanging.
  • Create computer wallpaper.
  • Use them to create a greeting card or stationery.
  • Print a few on a page to create labels. You can type the text before you download and then use your printer settings to print a few 6 or 12 copies on a page so that each label will be a small full background.
  • Print a few on a page and write a message on them to create small gift cards.
  • Print on a large sheet of paper to create gift wrap / wrapping paper.

Note: Content can be used for personal or commercial use but you cannot place them on your website without linking back to this website.